Building Division

Building Official


The Building and Safety Division oversees all phases of new building construction and performs a variety of inspections. The head of the division is the Chief Building Official.

The Building and Safety Division provides:

  • Assurance of building safety for new buildings, additions, tenant improvements, etc.
  • Building permit plan check
  • Permit issuance

Additionally, Building and Safety maintains a historical permit and plan archive of thousands of construction documents. This section enforces the California Building Codes as amended by the City during adoption.

Permit Requirements

All permits require an appointment. To schedule an Inspection: 559-935-1533, ext. 146 (leave message and wait for a call back with available times).

Exempt, no building permit required:

  • Cosmetic work, e.g. carpeting, painting, trim, and wall covering
  • One story detached accessory buildings not on a permanent foundation such as a shed not exceeding 120 square feet
  • Platforms, walkways, and driveways no more than 30 inches above ground, 10 feet from the curb face and not over a basement or story below
  • Window awning project no more than 54 inches

Over the counter, same day processing:

  • Any electrical, plumbing and mechanical upgrades or repairs
  • Encroachment Permits (City sidewalks, driveways approaches, curbs, and gutters)
  • Fireplace installation
  • Portable spas
  • Re-roofing (both overlay and tear-off)

Fast Track 5 to 10 working days:

  • Additions to single family dwellings
  • Foundation replacement/repair
  • Garages, storage buildings, decks, carports, patio covers
  • Minor structural repair
  • Residential Swimming pools and spas
  • Single family dwelling of conventional light frame construction

Normal Processing, depending on size of project (approximately 4 weeks):

  • Major alterations, additions, and structural upgrading
  • Projects that require planning review and approval (i.e. setbacks, heights, and land use)
  • Second story additions