Animal Control


The Coalinga Police Department is responsible for responding to animal issues city wide. The Department also runs an animal shelter at 150 W. Elm Ave.

To see if your pet is at the shelter please call (559) 935-1525 and ask for Animal Control Officer Brian Meza.

Redemption Fees

Condition Fee
Spayed/Neutered/Chipped $10.00
Spayed/Neutered   $12.00
Unaltered $35.00

Animal License Fees

Condition/Action Fee
Spayed/Neutered/Chipped $10.00
Spayed/Neutered $12.00
Unaltered $35.00
Surrender Fee $50.00
Euthanasia Fee $30.00
Vaccination $25.00

Adoption/Boarding Fees

Action Fee
Adoption Fee $240.00
Boarding Fee $5.00 per day