City of Coalinga City Council

The Coalinga City Council consists of five council members who are elected by the voters for four-year terms. The terms are staggered so that every two years, the voters will vote for two or three new Council members. The five Council members will then appoint a Mayor and a Mayor Pro-Tem. The City Council also consists of a City Treasurer and City Clerk who are elected by voters for four-year terms.

The Council appoints members to represent at other meetings such as the Council of Fresno County Governments (COG), and the League of California Cities. The City Council also appoints the five Commissioners who serve on the Planning Commission.

Councilman, Ron Ramsey
Mayor, Nathan Vosburg
Councilman, Ron Lander

Councilwoman, Tanya Stolz
City Clerk, Wanda Earls Mayor Pro-Tem, Steve Raine

  Treasurer, James Vosburg