Vision 2025

Environmental Preservation

Coalinga will preserve the natural environmental beauty, general open, rural, and low profile character punctuated with ample open space through promoting urban design features, energy efficient development, and natural resource conservation.

Community Safety

Public safety is the basis of our well being.  Coalinga’s Fire and Police services are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all residents and visitors.

Community Character

Will have appropriate housing types and housing densities in a variety of neighborhoods that are seamlessly integrated together and well insulated from high volume roadways, noise and nonresidential land uses. 

Economic Strength

Coalinga views economic development as the sustained creation of community wealth and the generation of tax revenues through the retention, expansion and development of diversified business opportunities that are compatible with the environment, community values and vision. 

Comprehensive and Reliable Infrastructure

Coalinga will provide creative, orderly and efficient community facilities and municipal services that meet the needs of residents and visitors. Coalinga will effectively plan infrastructure improvements with the anticipation of future growth.   

Superior Recreation Opportunities

Coalinga will offer a convenient and comprehensive system of neighborhood parks, community parks, athletic parks, primitive natural areas, green belts, open space, bike paths, trails, scenic vistas and other recreational opportunities that meets the needs of the citizens and enriches the lives of residents and visitors.