Oversight Board

About the Board

The oversight board is a seven member board established by AB x1 26 to oversee the successor agency in its efforts to wind down the former redevelopment agency’s operations. Certain successor agency actions are subject to oversight board approval, including:

  • Approval of the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (“ROPS”)
  • Direction in relation to the disposal of former redevelopment agency assets and properties
  • The transfer of affordable housing responsibilities to the entity that assumes those responsibilities 
  • The termination or renegotiation of outstanding agreements

Oversight boards have a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations and the taxing entities that benefit from the distribution of property tax and other revenues.

Oversight board members are appointed by governmental entities located in the city, county or city and county that created the former redevelopment agency, including, the county board of supervisors, the mayor of the city, the largest special district (determined by property tax share), the county superintendent of education or county board of education, and the Chancellor of California Community Colleges. The oversight board also includes one member of the public appointed by the county board of supervisors and one member representing the employees of the former redevelopment agency appointed by the mayor from the recognized employee organization representing the largest number of former redevelopment agency employees employed by the successor agency at that time.


Name Position Appointee
Sharon Spurgeon Chairperson Appointed by the largest special district, by property tax share, with territory in the territorial jurisdiction of the former RDA
Kirk Irwin Vice Chairperson County Board of Supervisors
Ken Stoppenbrink Secretary Chancellor of the California Community Colleges
Katie Delano Transportation Director (CHUSD) County Board of Supervisors
Ron Ramsey City Council Member Mayor for the city sponsored dissolved RDA
Jim Reckas Director of Facilities(CHUSD) County Board of Education
Marissa Trejo City Manager Mayor representing the employees of the former RDA