Medical Cluster

Coalinga State Hospital

Coalinga State Hospital, a psychiatric secured treatment facility, is a dominant medical provider for mental health services for the State. This State facility will retain over 1,300 health care practitioners in a workforce totaling 2,000 employees. Psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses, and a host of other medical personnel will be retained for this facility. 

Several of these health care practitioners will establish private offices, and offer their professional services to residents throughout a multi-county region. This facility was opened in 2005.

Coalinga Regional Medical Center

The City of Coalinga has a community hospital - Coalinga Regional Medical Center (CRMC), which is a medical complex providing:

  • acute care
  • medical laboratory
  • medical offices
  • skilled nursing facilities
  • surgical facilities

This medical complex provides health services to western Fresno and Kings Counties. This community facility has several medical and health care practitioners serving the community. In addition to CRMC, the City has a second skilled nursing facility. 

A proposed long-term care and Alzheimer’s facility may also be constructed adjacent to the CRMC to expand on the continuum of health care for our community and region.


The City of Coalinga can be the center of regional mental health services and facilities for a multi-county region. Private practices from the 1,300 health care professionals at Coalinga State Hospital can also blossom into specialized health care services and facilities/centers (Alzheimer’s, geriatric, adolescent, etc.).