What is included in the cost?

The cost covers one 24” x 48” high quality, vinyl picture banner and streamer. This includes design, production, as well as installation of the banner. The hardware for mounting and display, are included at no cost. The hardware remains the property of the City of Coalinga. How do I pay for the banner? A check must be made out to: City of Coalinga and submitted with the application. The name of the honoree should be written on the check in the memo section.

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1. What if I am from Coalinga, but now live somewhere else? Can I still participate?
2. What branches of the military are included in the Program?
3. What is the deadline for submitting the application and payment?
4. What if I live out of Coalinga, in the county, or nearby community? Can I still participate?
5. How do I provide verification for Active Duty and/or Veteran status? What if I cannot locate the DD214?
6. What are the photo requirements?
7. May I apply more than once?
8. Will there be future opportunities to participate in this Program?
9. Do I get to keep the banner?
10. What is included in the cost?
11. Does the City of Coalinga cover the cost of banner for any veterans?