Clear Roadway

City of Coalinga Municipal Code Sec. 6-2.05

It shall be unlawful for any person to place, throw, deposit, dump or stand any paper, cans, bottles, broken glass, ash, tree accumulations, refuse, trash, rubbish, garbage upon any public or private alley, street or public grounds with the City or cause the same to be so done; except that recycled materials and green waste may be deposited in proper containers or properly bundled for the purpose of having the same collected by the City or by an authorized contract agent, licensee, franchisee or permittee in accordance with this Code.

The street sweeper will collect leaves that fall on the street naturally.  However, any additional leaves placed in a pile on the street or swept on to the street by the home owner or lawn service will result in the home owner receiving a notice to clean up the debris or face possible code enforcement action.

City of Coalinga Municipal Code Sec. 7-6.203

(b) Overgrown, dead, diseased, decaying or hazardous trees, shrubs, ground cover or weeds that are likely to harbor vermin, or that restrict or impede access to or public use of adjacent sidewalk and streets, obstruct traffic-control signs, or devices or fire hydrants, access to public utilities, pose a risk of physical injury to the public, or constitute an unsightly appearance.