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Turf Replacement Program Application

  2. General Requirements
    • Must replace living turf or outdoor water surface
    • Front/Back/Side Yard
    • Single Family Residential
    • Homeowner/Written Consent From Landlord

    Irrigation System

    • Not required, but strongly reccommended

    Plant Requirements

    Plant Finding Resource

    While there are other resources to help find and design a xeric style garden, the above listed website is very well suited to the task.  Please be sure to check with local nurseries as well.

    The plants used in the conversion must meet the following requirements:

    • Must be indicated that the plant is drought tolerant
    • The mature size of the plants must make up a minimum of 50% of the conversion.
    • While not required, plants with a heat/hardiness index of 7 or greater will generally do better than those with a lower index.  For reference, Coalinga has an index of 9b.
    • Artificial Turf can be used to meet the 50% conversion criteria in lieu of living plant material.


    • The amount of rock or mulch should not exceed 50% of the conversion.
    • No more than 50% of your entire front/side yard is allowed to be a non-permeable surface such as concrete or paving stones.  Should you wish to add non-permeable surfaces in your front/side yard as a part of the conversion, please be aware of this requirement.
    • Back yards can use any amount of non-permeable surface, but cannot exceed 50% of the conversion.
  3. Rebate Opportunties
    • Turf Replacement(drought tolerant plants) – $1.00/sqft ($1500 max)
    • Turf Replacement(artificial turf) -- $2.00/sqft($2100 max)
    • Micro-drip Irrigation Retrofit (Valve + Pressure Red.+ System)-- $50.00 + $0.50/ft ($500 max)
    • Programmable Irrigation Controller (S.M.A.R.T. controllers preferred) -- $100
    • Max Total Benefit Cannot Exceed – $2100.

    The city will not be responsible for reimbursing any money outside of the bounds given above.  Any funds that exceed your identified rebate amount will be entirely the homeowners responsibility.

  4. Eligibility

    This program is intended for single family residential homes.  Any addresses classed as multi-family or commercial will not be considered.

    Additionally, to be eligible for the program you must either be the homeowner or have written consent from the landlord.  Proof of this must be provided within five (5) business days after initial contact with the program coordinator.

  5. Home Location

    Please provide the address of the home where the conversion is to take place.

  6. Contact Information

    Please provide contact information

  7. Project Information

    While it is not required to have a fully complete plan, it is useful to know your intentions.  This will help with discussions as the process takes place.

  8. Briefly describe the turf area to be replaced, and provide a brief summary of what you want to replace it with.

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