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Adopt A Spot Application

  1. Adopt A Spot Program Application
    Thank you for your interest in adopting a spot in the city of Coalinga. All applicants approval is at the sole discretion of the City of Coalinga. Please fill out this application to begin the process. Once reviewed, a formal application will be submitted for you to review and sign.
  2. Please describe the spot that you wish to adopt and what activities you plan on accomplishing.
  3. Minors*
    Will any minors be involved in the cleaning of your adopted spot?
  4. If any minors will be involved, please provide contact information for their parent/guardian. This is needed to sign the final agreement.
  5. Once Approved
    Once you submission has been approved, you will receive an email from "Adobe Sign". Please fill out this document entirely. Note: This email may be in your junk or spam inbox.
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