Planning Commission

Member Position Term Expiration
Joshua Sailer Chairman September 3, 2023
James Jacobs Vice Chairman April 16, 2023
Ken Stoppenbrink Commissioner March 17, 2026
Michele Helmar Commissioner April 7, 2023
Sara Pruitt Commissioner January 22, 2023


The five-member Planning Commission provides advice, insight, and leadership to the Mayor and City Council on all matters affecting development throughout our City. Commissioners are objective and independent advisors who are appointed to serve four-year terms. 

While the Commission serves as an advisory body on matters related to zoning and the general plan, Commissioners also serve as the public hearing authority for a variety of development applications. Throughout the year, the Commission reviews numerous requests from homeowners and developers, including:

  • Development Agreement
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Requests for Conditional or Administrative Use Permits
  • Site Plan Reviews
  • Standards Variances
  • Subdivision requests
  • Vesting Tentative Map Requests
  • Zone Changes

Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

The City’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances of the City Code give the Commission the authority to: 

  • Approve, conditionally approve, or deny Variances, Special Permits, and Development Plan Reviews (also called "R" Reviews).
  • Approve, conditionally approve, or deny Tentative Maps for subdivisions of five or more parcels, except for "Vesting Tentative Map".
  • "Call Up" any tentative maps or other Planning Commission decision within 10 days of the action by the Planning Commission. 

There is a 10 day appeal period after action by the Planning Commission. If the entitlement is not appealed, the action of the Planning Commission is final. If the entitlement is appealed, the entitlement is heard by the City Council and the action of the City Council is final.

Additional Information

For information about the Planning Commission, please contact Sean Brewer, Assistant City Manager, at 559-935-1533, ext. 143 or by email.