Street Sweeping

Help us provide street sweeping services for you. The following issues prevent the street sweeper from sweeping at the curb:

  • Vehicles at the curb. (If you or your neighbor park a vehicle or vehicles at the curb it will affect our ability to sweep the curb. There is no fine for not moving your car. It is just that your curb will probably not be swept).
  • Low hanging tree limbs. (If you have a tree that overhangs the curb, trim it so that it is 14-feet above the street surface so sweeper does not damage the tree).
  • Leaves and large debris in the gutter. (The sweeper is designed to pick up light debris and dirt to prevent the clogging of storm drains. It is not meant to pick up piles of leaves. Piles of leaves swept, pushed or blown to the gutter will not be picked up).

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