Advanced Logisitics & Distribution Cluster

Tri-City Area

Avenal, Coalinga, and Huron, a tri-city area, has immediate access to Interstate 5. Our three cities also bring transportation modes to attract this industry cluster. These transportation modes are:

Avenal - A Major Industrial Park Positioned Along Both Sides of Interstate 5

Coalinga has the largest (5,000-foot runway) general aviation airport in Fresno County. Plans are underway to create an aviation-related industrial park at the Coalinga Municipal Airport. The airport can be expanded and is above the “fog belt” of the Valley.

Huron - Rail Service for Commercial & Industrial Customers

The City of Coalinga already has a 32-acre developed Industrial Park available and ready for immediate occupancy. The Park would be ideal for a distribution and manufacturing facility. West Hills College also provides curriculum and training for several job classifications needed for the Advanced Logistics and Distribution Cluster.


A tri-city initiative to form a multi-modal transportation hub in western Fresno County is underway. The cities of Avenuenal, Coalinga, and Huron have explored the potential for warehouse and distribution centers along Interstate 5.