Licenses, Permits & Taxes

The City of Coalinga welcomes you to its business community. Starting a business can be exciting and challenging. We wish you success in your new venture!  

Business License

A business license is an annual tax for doing business within the city limits of Coalinga. The City of Coalinga Municipal Code requires that you obtain a license when you conduct any business activity within the City even if your business is located OUTSIDE the city limits or you have a business license from another city. Any business based in the City must have a license as well. This includes home-based businesses, building contractors, independent contractors, and non-profit businesses.

The term “business” shall include all activities engaged in or caused to be engaged in within this City with the object of gain, benefit or advantage, whether direct or indirect, to the taxpayer or to another or to others, but shall not include the services rendered by an employee to this employer or a casual or isolated transaction. “Engaging in Business” shall mean commencing, conducting or continuing in business and liquidating a business when the liquidators thereof hold themselves out to the public as conducting such business.

License Fee

All annual business tax certificates issued under Ordinance 546, except the first certificate issued to newly established businesses, shall be considered to be issued on January 1st of each year and shall expire on December 31st of the same year. Unless exempted, the business license fee for any business to be operated within the City of Coalinga shall be $25 unless modified by Resolution of the City Council.

Home Base Businesses

Working in the home is an attractive alternative to the traditional workplace for many enterprising people. To some, it is the ideal workplace. A home occupation, however, must meet certain City requirements. These include the need for a City business license and compliance with City zoning regulations. If you have questions or not sure if a home business is permitted for the activity you are planning to engage it, please contact the Planning Department prior to submitting your business license and home occupation permit application. 

Documents Required to Obtain a City License

The following documents (if applicable to your business) are needed when submitting an application for a City license:

  • Fictitious Name Statement - For information on how to file, call the Fresno County Clerks Office at 559-488-3003
  • Health Department Inspection Report and License
  • Seller’s Permit - For information on how to obtain a permit, call the State of California Board of Equalization at 800-400-7115
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificate
  • Home Occupation Permit Application (Home Base Businesses)

Fire Safety Requirements

A minimum of one 2A10BC fire extinguisher needs to be provided for every 3,000 square feet of floor area. It must be mounted on the wall no higher than 5 foot above the floor.

Additional Fire Extinguishers

Additional fire extinguishers shall be provided as determined by the Fire Chief / Marshal. Extinguishers shall be serviced annually and shall have a current service tag attached. Extension cords shall not be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.

Additional Fire Protections

Additional fire protections may be required depending upon the type of business. If you have any other questions, please contact the Coalinga Fire Department.