Development Review

Development Review Process

The City’s development review process ensures that future development proposals across the city are adequately reviewed for compliance with all applicable land use regulations, ensures any necessary environmental review is completed, and facilitates proper notice and public hearings when required with the City’s Planning Commission. While the Development Review process is by Planning Division the effort of application review includes representatives from each of the other key divisions/departments that conditions and/or issues other permits associated with the application: 

  • Building and Safety
  • Engineering
  • Police and Fire
  • Public Works

Determining Your Zoning

For property zoning information you can access the City's GIS mapping system and view the City’s Municipal Code to determined permitted uses according to your zoning classification.

Starting a Project Concept

Single Family Home & Residential Additions

For questions on permit application, fees and what needs to be provided, you may contact the Building Official 559-935-1533, ext.146 or email Sean Brewer. Responses are typically within 24 hours on business days.

Business Change of Use or Tenant Improvements 

If your proposal is physical changes completely within the structure and the use will remain the same, please contact the Building and Safety Division and they can assist you on building code requirements. If your proposal is physical changes that will change the land use (i.e. an existing retail space seeking to become a restaurant), you may contact the Planning Director.

New Mixed-Use, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel Projects 

The City offers no-fee consultations for potential applicants/design teams who are exploring development potential at the City. City Staff will sit down with an applicant to learn about the proposal, discuss initial thoughts on the concept and provide preliminary guidance on land use regulations, processes and procedures when developing in the City. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Planning Division at 559-935-1533, ext. 143 or by emailing Sean Brewer.