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MyCivic - City of Coalinga Mobile Application

The City of Coalinga has released a new mobile application to streamline information gathering and some functions of government.  In this application you will be able to quickly find contact information for City staff, business information, make reports to public works or code enforcement, pay your city bill, view agendas, apply for jobs, and more.

Contact Information

Utilizing contact information via the app will allow you to make calls or emails directly from the application.  No need to write any phone numbers or emails down.  A contact list can be found under the Government > Departments portion of the app.

Report an Issue

As mentioned, you will be able to submit reports to public works or code enforcement about various issues.  While you are always welcome to call City Hall @ 935-1533 for any issue, reporting an issue through the application will allow you to see status reports as they are reported by whomever is handling your issue.  You will also receive notifications when anything new has been happened in regard to your report.

For airport specific reports, there are separate complaint types.  Please be sure to use them, so that the issue may be routed to the proper personnel.

Pay Your Bill

You will be able to pay your bill through the application.  This functionality works in the same manner as the website link.

View Agendas

Viewing current and past agendas is also available through the application.  This can be found via Government > Agendas.  This will provide you a navigator to locate any agenda you wish to view.


The needs and wishes of you the citizen change over time.  The MyCivic App is not immutable.  See something that you wish was better or have an idea for something new?  Let's work to make this better!  Please contact Larry Miller via email or phone.